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Moon Phase

age: 4

distance: 59.768002086602 earth radii

latitude: 5.0029990517278

longitude: 211.16623357002

On this date: Aug 16 2018 18:34:06:

The position (phase) within the moon's cycle: 0.40001052563834

The phase name: Waxing Crescent

The percentage of lunar illumination is 9.5%

The days until the next full moon are: 17.72

The days until the next new moon are: 3

The days until the next first quarter moon are: 10.3

The days until the next last quarter moon are: 25.1

Moon phases for upcoming week:

  Thursday: Waxing Crescent

  Friday: Waxing Crescent

  Saturday: Waxing Crescent

  Sunday: New Moon

  Monday: Waning Crescent

  Tuesday: Waning Crescent

  Wednesday: Waning Crescent

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